Forex Risk Disclosure

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It is important to say first, warpips do not inspire someone in forex trading. warpips is a discussion and analysis portal for those who are currently trading Forex. Forex trading is a high leverage and there is a lot of risks. Those who are aware of all the risks of Forex trading and are currently trading Forex, warpips only learn their forex and try to provide support for advanced trading. Do not be fooled by any lucrative advertising about Forex. warpips does not show any false dreams of 100% profit, but instead of potentially risking the forex trading, we try to help you become a qualified trader. Every investment Business is risky. You should not invest if you do not have the ability to lose.  if anyone invest his/her money in Forex markets, then if lost his/her all money in that case not liable for that.

         Please read full Risk Disclosure about Forex. 

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